Hart Health Strategies provides a comprehensive policy briefing on a weekly basis. This in-depth health policy briefing is sent out at the beginning of each week. The health policy briefing recaps the previous week and previews the week ahead. It alerts clients to upcoming congressional hearings, newly introduced bills, regulatory announcements, and implementation activity related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and other health laws.


AHCA Negotiations Continue

The centrist House Tuesday Group and the conservative House Freedom Caucus have spent April recess attempting to reach an agreement in order to garner enough support for the passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA). The latest development comes from Tuesday Group leader Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), who has proposed an amendment to the legislation meant to achieve a consensus between the two factions of the Republican Party. While states would still have the ability to opt out of some federal insurance standards, Rep. MacArthur proposes that states would have to attest that their purpose in waiving these insurance regulations is to reduce the cost of health care or to increase the number of people with health coverage. States would also be required to offer high-risk pool coverage or participate in the federal pool. According to White House officials, the Administration is targeting Wednesday of this week for a vote on the Republican health care plan. There has been no agreement yet, however, on revised legislative language, which makes a vote this week less likely.

Lawmakers Debate Subsidies in Funding Measure

Congress has until midnight Friday, April 28 to negotiate and pass a spending bill to fund the federal government and avoid a partial government shutdown. The White House is currently negotiating with Democrats, offering them funding for the Obamacare cost-sharing reductions in exchange for payment for the President’s border wall. Cost-sharing reduction payments offset the cost of low-income enrollees for insurers. Democratic leadership has shot down this idea. They are demanding that the Obamacare payments be included in the bill, but consider the inclusion of any money for the border wall a poison pill. Without appropriations, the $9 billion in annual insurance subsidy payments will end in May. The Senate will need at least eight Democrats to vote in favor of the spending bill in order for it to pass.

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