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JOBS Bills Resurrect Health Issues

Last week both Republicans and Democrats turned back Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s revised JOBS Act (S.1660), on a 50-49 vote, which failed to get the 60 votes necessary to suspend a filibuster by Republicans.  The President said he would now work with Senate Democrats on piecemeal legislation which can garner the Democrat votes to pass the Senate.  In response, Senate Republicans unveiled their own jobs plan to reduce job barriers and unemployment.  Among the provisions is one which would repeal the PPACA.  Also, the bill would revamp the tax code, leaving the Senate Finance Committee to recommend changes in tax credits and deductions to make the tax reform proposals revenue neutral.  The prospect for piecemeal legislation remains to be seen, especially given House Republican insistence on finding spending or revenue measures to offset the cost of the jobs initiative.  It is likely that members in both parties would rather not take revenue enhancements off the table until the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (Super Committee) has had a chance to formulate their recommendations for deficit reduction which may also include some jobs initiatives.

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